So. I got to thinking the other day. And I'll tell you what got me thinking that got me thinking about NBSV. I finished reading this book, in one day. I started it Sunday afternoon, finished it about 3 or 4 hours later. And I was thinking, 'My god that book was excellent.' This book was absolutely amazing. It put me in the mood to work on Gaiaesque, my Fearless fan site. And I did. I opened up Paint Shop Pro, I made a new layout and I've currenlty coded it and begun adding content. So I started thinking about NBSV. I still buy SVH:SY religiously, and devour each one within a day, two at the most, but there's something missing that doesn't make me want to run to the computer and make a new layout for NBSV, to have my site on Sweet Valley up and running and updated, etc.

It isn't that I've lost lustor for Sweet Valley. Not at all. In fact, each month I can't wait to stroll into the bookstore at the mall and snatch up the new book and read it. And I love every word. I must admit Fearless has become my favorite series, simply because of the action and the mystery. I thought that, and then I realized what's missing. The adventure and the mystery is missing in Sweet Valley. SVH used to have Thriller Editions and Magna Editions, miniseries. When SVH passed and SY came along, I loved it because it was true to life, but I never stopped missing all of that action and mystery. During the prime of Sweet Valley, when Senior Year and Jr. High had been out for about six months, Sweet Valley University still filled the void for all of this action I was missing. However, when Eizabeth ended, and then sadly Jr. High, I think this is when I began to feel the real emptiness of mystery and suspense.

So that's what is missing. It's fairly sad that something less realistic is what pulls me in, but you, yes you reading this, must admit that there's some kind of romantic pull to thriller editions and super chillers and the like. Fearless has now become my fill for this, and over time has replaced Sweet Valley as my favorite series. Actually, I might rank them equally, but seeing as the demise of Senior Year is just around the bend(witness Sweet 18), I've decided to just shove it and get it together with this site.

Granted, it won't be easy. First of all, I'm going to move the site. Tripod's pop-ups have gotten on my last nerve, and I've found a much better place. Second, I've got a lot going on in my offline life that may very well interfere. I'm turning 18 in just one week(can you believe that? I can't.), and moving in August, when my parents expect me to get a new job promptly. I'll be working at a nice hotel, who knows what my hours will be, but we can at least guarantee I'll never be working on a Tuesday night when Buffy is on, so maybe I will make that my designated night to work on my websites. The third factor is my other websites. My personal website isn't much of a hassle, considering there's nothing to be posted but my thoughts, but I will have Gaiaesque reopened very soon, will be up and running as soon as Doteasy stops being a whore, and I've also opened my new design company, Black Reality Productions.

But like I said, I'm going to shove it and get the site together. However long it takes me to make a new layout, however long it takes me to code it, however long it takes me to get content up and running, I'll do it. And one way I'm going to make sure I don't feel the urge to close the site again? Less interaction. The most interaction I will have with other Sweet Valley websites will be links, affiliates, and sister sites, and maybe some other things for webmasters, but that's it. No comments, probably not even a guestbook.

As for my other Sweet Valley websites, my original plan remains standing; I will move all of them into the new address, as subfolders, that way when I log in to update one, I can easily take care of the others. This includes Sweet Valley Newsline, the SVH Fanlisting(that is if I still have it), the Daniel Twins fanlisting(again, if I still have it), Backstabber(Lauz and I must get in contact again), and the rest. So that's it. No complaining about other Sweet Valley webmasters, although I did mean a lot of that before, because I've matured over the months since I posted that message(can you believe it's been months?!), and I'm almost 18 which is a big extreme milestone in my life.

If you have any questions or comments, or wish to help or contribute in some way, which I would greatly appreciate, my e-mail is down, so for now I'm using Yes, Hotmail is the devil, but what can I do. That's it for now. Thanks for reading, if you did ;D


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so long, tripod :D