brittany ann daniel

Date of birth: 17 March, 1976
Place of Birth: Gainesville, Florida
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'7 (same as me!)
Nickname: Britt, Boo Boo
Birthmarks: Brittany has a birthmark on her left hand about the size of a nickle
Hobbies: Rollerblading, rock climbing


Movies: Forrest Gump, Crazy People
TV Shows: Melrose Place, Saturday Night Live, Cheers
Actresses: Meg Ryan, Jodie Foster
Actors: Michael Keaton, Tom Hanks
Singer: Garth Brooks, Tori Amos
Food: Veggie Burgers, Italian
Color: Navy Blue
Book: Romance novels
Sports: Tennis, Volleyball, Swimming, Water skiing, Sailing
Sports Team: University of Florida Gators


Swans Crossing(1992) Mila Rosnovsky

TV commercial for Doublemint Gum....with Cynthia(1993)

The Basketball Diaries(1995) Blinkie

MTV's Singled Out and Fame or Shame...with Cynthia(1996)

TV commercial for McDonalds...with Cynthia(1997)

Sweet Valley High(1994-1998) Jessica Wakefield

Sonic Impact(1999)

Dawson's Creek(1999) Eve Whitman in "Like a Virgin" episode # 3.1 9/19/99

Dawson's Creek(1999) Eve Whitman in "Homecoming" episode #3.2 10/6/99

Dawson's Creek(1999) Eve Whitman in "None of the Above" episode # 3.3 10/13/99

Dawson's Creek(1999) Eve Whitman is "Indian Summer" episode #3.5 10/27/99

On Hostile Ground(2000) Cindy

The Adventures of Joe Dirt(?)


1. Brittany was a cast member of Swans Crossing in 1992 alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar. Later, Sarah starred with Britt's fellow cast members Jeremy Garrett and Ryan James Bittle on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

2. When Brittany guest starred on an episode of Dawson's Creek, in a scene with Dawson, she makes a rather offhanded comment about "Sweet Valley High extras." Coincidence? I think not :)

1. Brittany is a vegitarian
2. Brittany made up a secret language with her twin sister Cynthia so their parents wouldn't understand them when eavesdropping
3. Brittany, along with Cynthia, is a recipient of the Young Artist Award for Best Actress for her role in Sweet Valley High
4. Brittany was also nominated for the Young Artist Award for Best Actress for Swan's Crossing
5. In high school, Brittany was a National Honor Society scholar
6. Embarassing moment: "I was in 7th grade. One day after school, a boy came up behind me and pulled my pants down in front of my new boyfriend and about 20 other people."
7. Brittany is older than Cynthia by five minutes
8. Brittany is also an inch taller than Cynthia

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note: most of these are from a while ago
To some, they are known as the Doublemint twins for their work in hawking chewing gum in TV commercials; to others, they're the naughty and nice doppelgangers of the syndicated high school soap Sweet Valley High. Now nineteen-year-old Cynthia and Brittany Daniel are taking a shot at the big screen as Winkie and Binkie, a pair of middle-class sisters whose sinister synergy makes them the perfect score for Leonardo DiCaprio's Jim and Patrick McGaw's Neutron in The Basketball Diaries. "We totally feed off each other. It's like we're Siamese twins or something." says Cynthia. "At auditions people will ask, 'Can we choose just one of you?' " Notes Brittany. "But it's not as if we're going to break down and cry if they do," adds Cynthia. And Brittany? "In the future, we don't want to take any more twins roles. I don't want us to be thirty years old and known as the twins, like the Barbi twins in Playboy." You can say that again.

TV Hits: You left Sweet Valley High recently. Was that hard?
Brittany: It was weird and really sad because we spent so much time with these people. They're all wonderful - certain people become your family. But we stay in touch.
TV Hits: Have you had any movie role offers after starring in The Basketball Diaries with Leonardo DiCaprio in 1995?
Cynthia: No more movies with Leo so far! We were offered parts in a Reese Witherspoon movie called Freeway but we were shooting Sweet Valley High at the time so it was impossible. Now Brittany and I are forming a show together! We're creating it now so hopefully it will go ahead. It looks good at the moment and it should start shooting in March.
TV Hits: Do you two get along well together?
Cynthia: Yeah, we live together and we work together. We're just really good together because we're good at communticating. And we give each other space - we both have boyfriends so we do our own things.
TV Hits: We hear you're in college now. What's it like?
Brittany: We're doing Geology, Psychology and Photography. the other day we were saying to each other, 'Isn't this great, nobody knows us here.' And, of course, as soon as we said that, a few people came up to us and knew who we were. (laughs)
TV Hits: If you could work on any show, what would it be?
Cynthia: Party of Five, because it's got a good mixture of drama and comedy. You could learn a lot from those people. Something like that would be fun.

"NO MORE," say Cynthia and Brittany in unison. (They do that a lot, they're twins.) For these teenaged lovelies, no means no. "The whole twin thing gets so old," continues Brittany, while Cynthia tastes her succulent fruit salad, its juices lubricating the secret recesses of her mouth. "I just want to break up. We've always shared everything together, we live together. We just want our own thing." I think we know what "thing" she's talking about. Turning down twin roles is going to be difficult for this dynamic duo, because at the tender- though no less ripe- age of nineteen they've already established themselves as the hot twins in Hollywood. From starring in the nationally-syndicated preteen drama "Sweet Valley High," to Doublemint commercials, to small but-ahem-memorable roles in the "Basketball Diaries," Brittany and Cynthia Daniel have taken the twin market like a team of dominatrixes, chains dangling and whips unsheathed. But they maintain perspective despite their popularity. "I think the whole notion of being hot in Hollywood is kind of silly because you'll be popular one day and then nothing the next," speculates Cynthia. "And I mean you can be so big and so great, but then if you do one bad movie, you suck. And it's not true; you just had a bad break." Could it be that Cynthia and Brittany are too hot? That their heavenly bodies could reach a critical mass of hotness and suddenly implode like a red dwarf? "I think you can be played out," avers Cynthia. "You can be like overexposed," concurs Brittany. "Like, you know, Jonathon Brando? He is so played out." (We have no idea who this person is.-ed.) The Twins emerged from their cocoon a couple of years ago, moving from their native Gainesville, Fla. to L.A. to get into acting, spread their wings and fly. After beating out another pair of twins for both a Doublemint ad and "Sweet Valley High," (suckas), Cynthia and Brittany are settling into their adult lives as Hollywood's newest bellissima innocents. "I feel like sometimes people try to take advantage of us," claims Brittany. "Just because they know we're not from here. Like guys. You're like, 'No, I'm not from here,' and they're like, 'Oh, really?' And they think they can do the little lines on me and stuff." But one guy whose lines apparently did work on them was good friend, Oscar-nominee, Details cover boy and star of "The Basketball Diaries," Leonardo DiCaprio. He convinced Brittany and Cynthia to take the roles of rich, precocious, sexually licentious twins for the film, a part they had initially rejected. "We read the script and were like, I don't want to do this, like maybe it was a B-rated film," recalls Brittany. "I've never read the book. I want to now; the book's supposed to be better. Have you guys read it?" B-rated or not, the roles were certainly a switch from their squeaky-clean daytime hit, "Sweet Valley High." In it, Cynthia and Brittany play twin social queens, and their young and impressionable audience looks up to them. (During our interview, over brunch in a Beverly Hills restaurant, Cynthia started to take out a cigarette, then put it away after noticing a girl checking her out. The fan soon came over to get autographs from both twins; Bob Dole would have been proud.) The twins are at an age when they can transcend teenage cuteness to cross over into full-on sex goddesses. Yet they seem almost unaware of their sex appeal. "Someone already said that we looked more like Playboy bunnies than Sweet Valley High girls," says Brittany. "I was like, 'What's that supposed to mean?'" We know exactly what it means, Brittany: It means people are going to start asking you to take your clothes off for the camera. So: Can Bikini readers around the globe look forward to twin peeks, coming soon to a theatre near you? "I might do it if it's meaningful," says Brittany. "I wouldn't do it if it's just a sex scene, but if it's right for the movie," repeats Cynthia. "Did you see Nell?" Showing a canny, insiders-view of Hollywood, she continues, "I heard that new Australian guy on "BayWatch" is doing Playgirl; it's like everybody's taking their clothes off." Either way, they'll be doin' their own thing. When their "SVH" contract runs out, Cynthia and Brittany are busting loose: Cynthia is going to dye her hair red, and Brittany is going to cut it short. "I'm just sick of the little blonde hair, blue eyes, California girl look," says Brittany in disgust. "I hate that," harmonizes Cynthia. "We look like everybody else." Yeah, whatever.

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