The first thing you're probably wondering about is the name of this clique. I read a reference to Shirlee Elliot's character on the SVH TV show and thought it sounded pretty nifty, so I decided to take my love of Lila's character and my fandom of Shirlee Elliot, and combine them into an exclusive clique ONLY for huge fans of Lila Fowler(and if you're a fan of Shirlee also, yay!), such as myself. Now, the rules must be read in order to join, otherwise your submission will be tossed. With that being said, head over there, read them, and then join-IF you meet the requirements :D

These rules MUST be read in order to join.

1. - Okay, this one's pretty easy. You have to have a website. It doesn't have to be about Sweet Valley, but you must have read at least thirty Sweet Valley books and know who Lila Fowler actually is. So, let's say you have a Britney Spears site(go Brit!!) and you've never read a page of Sweet Valley in your entire life. Don't join!

2. - This one is slightly more complicated. You have to be a fan of Lila, of course. Don't join this clique just to be in another clique. If you do I'll know(believe me, I will). But here's the catch. You have to be a fan of Lila's character on the TV show or in the Sweet Valley High or Sweet Valley University series. Those are the only Sweet Valley genres into which the title of this clique fits. I know confusing, but basically if you love lila in ANY of those series, you qualify for the fan part.

3. - You must wait for an acceptance e-mail before putting up a button.

4. - Once you've received the e-mail and the okay to put up a button, you must do it within a week. There is no point to being in a clique if you don't put the button up to advertise it.

5. - You must read the rules.

6. - You must answer the question on the join form. If you leave it blank your submission will make friends with Mr. Old Banana Peel in the trash.

1. - nothingbutsweetvalley
2. - sweet[dot]valley
3. - sweetvalleycenter
4. - syinabottle
5. - sweetvalleyonthenet
6. - svjhwrap'n'roll
7. - there'ssomethingaboutsy
8. - svhsyfever
9. - missionsvjh
10. - julie'ssenioryearsite
11. - senioryear411
12. - janneke'ssenioryearpage
13. - svjhdomain
14. - myuni
15. - sweetvalleyuniversityworld
16. - space-ride.net
17. - SVRawks!
18. - NothingIsForever
19. - TotallySweetValleySeniorYear
20. - Candi'sSweetValleySite
21. - GoMadForSeniorYear
22. - SVHSYGlobe
23. - Anna'sworldofSVHSY

Before joining, you must have read the rules.

Your name(optional):

Site name(required):

Site url(required):

Your e-mail(required):

Why do you like Lila?(required):

Did you read the rules? (required):

DO NOT add ANY of these buttons to your site until after you've been accepted.

<a href="http://nbsv.sweet-valley.net"> <img src="http://nothingbutsv.tripod.com/ naivebutton_1.gif"border=0></a>

<a href="http://nbsv.sweet-valley.net"> <img src="http://nothingbutsv.tripod.com/ naivebutton_2.gif"border=0></a>

<a href="http://nbsv.sweet-valley.net"> <img src="http://nothingbutsv.tripod.com/ naivebutton_3.gif"border=0></a>

<a href="http://nbsv.sweet-valley.net"> <img src="http://nothingbutsv.tripod.com/ naivebutton_4.gif"border=0></a>

<a href="http://nbsv.sweet-valley.net"> <img src="http://nothingbutsv.tripod.com/ naivebutton_5.gif"border=0></a>

<a href="http://nbsv.sweet-valley.net"> <img src="http://nothingbutsv.tripod.com/ naivebutton_6.gif"border=0></a>

<a href="http://nbsv.sweet-valley.net"> <img src="http://nothingbutsv.tripod.com/ naivebutton_7.gif"border=0></a>

<a href="http://nbsv.sweet-valley.net"> <img src="http://nothingbutsv.tripod.com/ naivebutton_8.gif"border=0></a>