Charmingly Naive Rules

these rules MUST be read in order to join. if you don't read them and send in the form, you'll end up looking like a complete dork, plus you'll be annoying me terribly :)

1. - okay, this one's pretty easy. you have to have a website. it doesn't have to be about sweet valley, but you must have read at least thirty sweet valley books and know who lila fowler actually is. so, let's say you have a britney site(go brit!!) and you've never read a page of sweet valley in your entire life. don't join!

2. - this one is slightly more complicated. you have to be a fan of lila, of course. don't join this clique just to be in another clique. if you do i'll know(believe me, i will). but here's the catch. you have to be a fan of lila's character on the TV show or in the Sweet Valley High or Sweet Valley University series. those are the only sweet valley genres into which the title of this clique fits. lol, i know confusing, but basically if you love lila in ANY of those series, you qualify for the fan part.

3. - you must wait for an acceptance e-mail before putting up a button. if you don't, you'll be kicked out and ridiculed publicly on this site :)

4. - once you've received the e-mail and the okay to put up a button, you must do it within a week. there is no point to being in a clique if you don't put the button up to advertise it.

5. - you can't be a copycat. this doesn't really pertain to this clique, but it should be a rule with everything. i mean, how many cliques showed up after Say No? lol! :)

6. - you must read the rules.

7. - you must answer the question on the join form. if you leave it blank your submission will make friends with Mr. Old Banana Peel in the trash.

8. - and lastly, but not leastly(is that a word?), no lila bashing. lol, she may be snobby, but she's a wonderful, endearing character, and there are many many reasons to love her :)

now that you've read the rules(ahem, you better have), you may now proceed to the join page :)