Graphics - These are mine. The splash graphics, headers, buttons, everything on the layout was made by me, and they took time. I have had a freak load of problems with copiers in the past, and I don't tolerate it anymore. If your layout resembles mine a little too much, I'll complain. If you directly steal my graphics, remember I am one of the two main forces behind Backstabber, and it won't be stood for. Basically, even though all my graphics suck, if you like them don't take them. They are mine.
HTML - This is almost as important as graphics. I don't use editors, I type my HTML out by hand, and it takes me hours. I don't care how unadvanced you are in HTML. Take mine, and you piss me off majorly. It took me years to teach myself HTML(not to mention graphics) and my hard work stays on my sites.
Ideas - Yes, I have my original ideas on NBSV. Sweet Valley Newsline and NBSV Ads are two of these. I don't want to see another SV news site or ads site popping up. And if you're going to say, well Gossip is a news site, it's different. It basically covers websites, and that's it. SVN covers websites, but mostly SVH actors, books, etc.

That covers all I can think of for now. I know I get harsh, but when you put as much work into a site as I do, it means a lot that it remain yours and nobody else's. So sorry if I sound like a total meanie, but when it comes to people copying me, I am.