sweet-valley.net is a hosting domain that I created last year for one reason: There were no Sweet Valley domains, and because of that, none of the really good Sweet Valley websites had a place to come together with other sites of the same calibre-sites with soul, I like to call them.

You see domains for Britney Spears and 'N Sync sites and every site hosted at domains such as those are an example of a job well done, the sites that everyone loves to visit. I thought that Sweet Valley websites should have that too, but the only problem was that most domains require FTP and tons of money. Both of which I didn't want my domain to have. Then I went to namezero.com and saw that their domains were free and didn't use FTP because it was a forwarding domain.

That means that sweet-valley.net hostees could keep their sites where they were with their own files and space, and be hooked up with a shorter, easier to remember site address and e-mail address for free with no string attatched. And there you have it, the original Sweet Valley hosting domain on the internet. Eventually I do plan on buying this domain and FTP will be required, but things will turn out better for the price. :D