It's not that hard to get hosted at if your site is really and truly good. If you think you've got what it takes, first read the requirements below.

Requirement #1 - The Layout
I'm not saying your site's gotta be amazing as far as graphics and html, but there are some general rules for your layout. They go a little something like this:

a. - It's gotta be nice. Nice graphics, some tables maybe, and very organized. I don't want anything that's been thrown together over the course of a couple of hours.
b. - The font has to be small. Most websites nowadays use Verdana size 1, and I personally think it can turn any webpage toward the better. So, small, preferably something like Verdana, and make sure it can be read over the background.
c. - Original. You've gotta have your own skills to be hosted at this domain, and I can tell if they're really yours or if you've stolen them from someone else.

Requirement #2 - The Content
Well, first and foremost, there are some features that can be found at any website. But here's what I'm looking for:

a. - If your site has lots of original features paired with a good layout, your chances are high to get in. But if you're using a general idea of someone else's, like the site directory Samantha uses(Hey Sam! :D), your application will be rejected.
b. - Organization is the key word here, folks. I like to see lots of stuff put together in a very organized and efficient way. The best example I can think of? Digital Riot and All About SVHSY. Both are very well organized.
c. - This one goes without saying. No porn! It absolutely sickens me and I won't stand for any of it. Also, if you've got a big mouth and like to speak your mind on your site, there's nothing wrong with that. But please keep cursing to a minimum if you're going to apply. There are some young kids who visit Sweet Valley sites, as I've come to realize myself.

Requirement #3 - The Soul
There are certain ways I can tell if a site is taken care of. Perhaps if you take the time to work out every little detail of your site and won't stop until it's perfect, there you've got soul:

a. - When you finish something on your site, do you go and look at it to make sure everything's in order? I always do, and I can tell when someone doesn't. Broken images and links are occurences for some, but if you've got a site with good content and a nice layout with tons of broken links, chances are you won't get hosted until everything is fixed.
b. - Don't submit an unopened site. If you've got a splash pic and a few links on a page that says opening soon, I won't accept your request for hosting. I can't host a site based on one image, it just can't be done, and it certainly doesn't have soul or a lot of effort put into it.
c. - Copycatish sites are no-nos. Sites that have tons and tons of meaningless sections that are very similar to someone else's will not be accepted. You might change the name and slap a Your Site's Name copyright on it, but it'll still be pretty obvious.

Requirement #4 - The Genre
I'm looking mostly for Sweet Valley sites, of course. But there are a couple of exceptions:

a. - If you have fan site for Cynthia Daniel, Brittany Daniel, Manley Pope, Amy Danles, Shirlee Elliot, Jeremy Garrett, or any of the Sweet Valley High TV show's cast, and your site meets the rest of the requirements, you're in once you apply.

And that's the it, folks. If your site meets all these requirements and you think I'd accept it, then head over to the Apply page to send it on in.