NBSV Ads is a place for any Sweet Valley related ads to be placed, kind of like a newspaper. Let's say you're looking for a co-webmaster for your site or even someone to take over your site. You can place an ad here so that people will see, plus you have an unlimited number of letters so you can give specifics and find exactly the type of person you're looking for.
    Or maybe you're looking for a hard to find Sweet Valley book or item and are willing to trade or pay for it. If you place an ad here and someone sees it, if they've got what you're lookin for you've hit paydirt. You can even place an ad for someone to make a graphic for you, or to meet an e-pal. Almost anything goes.
    However, if you do still have any questions about how this jig works, you can send an e-mail, subject NBSV Ads to nothingbutsv@hotmail.com :D