I have a lot of stuff planned for NBSV. Here's a look:

NBSV Network - This is the offical, yet unused name for all of my SV sites, including NBSV, Backstabber, the Newsline, and NBSV Ads. I plan on finishing all of these up before moving onto the projects below.
Alanna Animosity - You might've noticed this in the cliques section. I hate Alanna. I really do. And of course when I hate a character so much, I make a clique against them.
Conservatism - Also currently listed under the cliques section, this is a clique I thought up after growing concerned there would be no Sweet Valley series left. I have a couple of plans I want to put into motion with this clique, and I really hope they work.
Sweet-Valley.net - Yes, the very first Sweet Valley domain. A couple popped up after it, one of them didn't last, but it was the first ever. Currently, it's waiting to be transfered until I can pay for it, and it will become the new home of Nothing But Sweet Valley. Hosting is something I'm still thinking about.
Sweet Valley High Online - Nope, I haven't forgotten it. Still the original SVH TV site, I'm going to get it back up as soon as I can after buying Sweet-Valley.net.
Daniel Twins Fanlisting - We all know the Fanlistings.com. I have plans for not only this one...
Sweet Valley High Fanlisting - But for SVH TV too.
2wo Sweet - Haven't forgotten it either. I haven't decided whether or not to open it, but I still have my spot on Efanguide if I find the time.