I have no idea how an entire week flew by since my last update. I guess the holidays can do that. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving :D Some updates piled in over the weekend; I've added a couple new Sisters, a new member to the Webmasters list and also updated the button rule on the Webmasters page as well, changed the Weekly Captures, POTW and SOTM, and also added a couple of Awards NBSV won. Also, there's a new link up and I updated the SVN Highlight below. I think that pretty much covers updates.

I do have something else to address. Some of you who have sent me instant messages might be wondering why I don't reply a lot, and no it doesn't just have to do with I'm too busy-most of the time it does, mind you-it also has to do with something else. In the past I've received a lot of animosity from other Sweet Valley webmasters. Whether it be snippy little comments on their sites or full blown bitchiness that ends up with fighting, those were the reasons I gave up on NBSV for so long and lost so much interest. When I decided to bring NBSV back, I vowed I wasn't going to get too deeply into the whole webmaster community. The sites, yes. But dealing with webmasters, no. There are a few SV webmasters I consider true friends and still talk to a lot: Sam, Jenn and Janneke, and now I also talk to Cheryl regularly as well. I'm really careful about who I make friends with, because I make this site for fun and because I love Sweet Valley so much. It's not a combat ground. And there still are Sweet Valley webmasters who corrupt the community, I'm not even going to hint at who, but in my opinion there are some and I see them out there. I'm not risking any drama again, so NBSV is sort of standing on it's own for now. But anyway, just thought I'd clear that all up so nobody thinks I'm a huge bitch, I'm just cautious.

Oh a different note; I plan on working on Backstabber's new layout soon so that'll be updated again soon.

I don't have any significant updates today, but I did update my Contact info which I want everyone to read. It regards talking to me on AIM. In other words saying I am not anyone's personal web designer, so. That's pretty much it. Hopefully I can get some stuff done later today but I'll be extremely busy offline this week so no promises on updates. If I don't get back here, everyone have a happy Thanksgiving :D

A lot of updates piled in over the weekend. I just spent about an hour updating, so let's see if I can remember. There are a couple new Sister Sites, some new Pals, a new member to the Webmasters list, some new AIM List members, two award winners, and I also added a couple of awards that NBSV won. I think that's it, here's to hoping I didn't forget anything :D I'm about to go update the Newsline so check that out too. Oh, and I just updated the Weekly Caps and the POTW. I'll probably change the SOTM later and add some SVN Highlights.

Hmm, I have yet to update the Newsline, but oh well. I've got some updates here; I added a new Pal, a new member to the Webmasters list, a new Affiliate, a new member to the AIM list, and a couple of new Links. Hopefully I can get some more scans or captures up soon, so watch for those too.

Hurrah! Sweet Valley Newsline is back up and almost running :D I also added a new Sister site, some Pals, and members to the AIM list and Webmasters list.

Yess, my stepdad figured out what was wrong with my Sweet Valley images disc and fixed it, so scans will be up asap. For now, I've added a new Affiliate, one new link and AIM list member, and a couple members to the webmaster's list. Plus, check out the first captures gallery under Miscellany. Check in later for some updates, I should have time.

Added some new Sisters, Affiliates, Pals, and members to the AIM List and Webmaster's list. Plus, I got an award :D Yay. I'm going to try and get the captures section up later today.

Oh yay(!!). I am so happy with my positive feedback so far. Thank you to everyone <3

Let's see, today I added some people to the AIM List, the Webmasters List, the Links page, the Pals page, and I added one Affiliate and one Sister site. That's it for today :D

The single word I can use here is finally. It's taken me so long to get the energy to make a new layout for NBSV and get the features back up, and I did. I miss my non-personal sites, actually I have ever since NBSV started going downhill, and finally I decided to remedy it. I'm soo happy to be back. I'm a little behind on the goings-on in the SV web community, but I'm sure I can get caught up. An important note is that I'm switching e-mails since Hotmail, to put it concisely, sucks. So for now I am using the e-mail at my Buffy domain, jess@slaymuch.com. You can contact me there if you need to. I would love feedback. :D