Name: Jessica
Goes by: Jess, Jessie, Jessalicious, Jessers, Buffy, The Slayer, etc.
Age: 17
Location: Ohio, USA
Sweet Valley fan: Going on 6 years now.
Favorite SV Character: Elizabeth
Favorite SV Series: Sweet Valley High
SV Collection: Well over hundreds of books, lots of Sweet Valley High merchandise(CD, press packs, fan kit etc). Proud to say all of my SV books are in mint condition.
Random: I once modeled my hair after Cynthia Daniel's every season on SVH; my visit to after seeing it advertised in Cover Girls was what brought me to the net; Sam and I once contacted someone at Randomhouse and were consequently sent a freak load of books, including ones two months in advance-just for being fans; I had the first ever Sweet Valley clique(yes, I can brag); I also had the first ever Sweet Valley hosting domain(also can brag); I've won both of my Sweet Valley High press packs on Ebay-one of them I won myself, which came with glossies, slides, a folder and 10 sheets, the other Maria, formerly of won for me as an early birthday present(<3)-it came with more glossies, a cover sheet and 10 extra sheets; I won my SVH CD off Ebay as well; I am the hugest Sweet Valley fan :D