There are three awards you can win from NBSV:

1. Split Decision > This award goes to a great site that I think could use a little work, but nonetheless is good.
Winners: SVHSY Sight

2. Bad Girl > This award goes to a great site that's great the way it is, and can definitely build on itself in the future.

3. Straight Up > This award goes only to the best of the best, a site that's great in content as well as graphics.

Here are the rules for applying:

1. You must have a website. Only Sweet Valley.
2. If you win, you must upload the award to your own server and link it back to
3. If you don't win, don't be a sore loser.
4. You must fill out the form completely, and wait for my response. If I don't reply within a certain amount of time(ie, a few weeks or more), it means you haven't won the award.

To apply, fill out this form:

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