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This was one of Nothing But Sweet Valley's original features, original meaning it was pretty much a constant the entire time the site was open. I try and keep a close watch on the banners to make sure they aren't broken or too big, but sometimes I can't, so here are some requirements if you'd like to join:

1. Your banner must be no longer than 420 pixels, and no higher then 250 pixels.
2. You must place the HTML code on your site.
3. Your image URL must never be broken for more than a couple of weeks or you will be deleted from the exchange.
4. If an image is broken and you need time to fix it, you must contact me, or the rule above will be enforced.
5. Please, only nice, clean banners.

Now that you've read the requirements, you can fill out this form completely to join.

your site's name(required):

your site's url(required):

your e-mail(required):

your banner url(required):

Here is the code to place on your site, preferably on a splash or main page:

<!-- Begin NBSV Banner Exchange --> <table> <tr> <td> <center> <!--NOEDIT--> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.1" SRC="http://banners.orbitcycle.com/code/ nothingbutsv/Nothing_But_Sweet_Valley/0000/b-898MEG.js"> </SCRIPT> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> <!-- if(!window.oc_done) { var oc_dyn=1; if(navigator.appName.toLowerCase().indexOf('netscape') != -1) { if(parseInt(navigator.appVersion) == 2) { oc_dyn = 0; } } if(oc_dyn==1) { if(!window.oc_id){ var oc_now = new Date (); var oc_id = 'b-' + (oc_now.getMinutes()*60)+oc_now.getSeconds() } document.write('<A HREF="http://banners.orbitcycle.com/router /nothingbutsv/Nothing_But_Sweet_Valley/0000/' + oc_id + '.html" TARGET="_top">\n'); document.write('<IMG SRC="http://banners.orbitcycle.com/banners/ nothingbutsv/Nothing_But_Sweet_Valley/0000/' + oc_id + '.html"></A>\n'); } } // --> </SCRIPT> <NOSCRIPT> <A HREF="http://banners.orbitcycle.com/router/ nothingbutsv/Nothing_But_Sweet_Valley/0000/a-898MEG.html" TARGET="_top"> <IMG SRC="http://banners.orbitcycle.com/banners/ nothingbutsv/Nothing_But_Sweet_Valley/0000/a-898MEG.html"></A><br> </NOSCRIPT> <!--/NOEDIT--> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <center> <font face=verdana size=1><a href="http:// nothingbutsv.tripod.com/exchange.html"> Nothing But Sweet Valley Banner Exchange</a></td> </tr> </table> <!-- End NBSV Banner Exchange -->

Once placed on your site, the exchange should look like this:

Nothing But Sweet Valley Banner Exchange